Techrules REn electric vehicle

The second generation Techrules REn electric vehicle is a unique TREV (Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle) which will power the Ren, with the option of one or two turbines installed to power the batteries. Two types of turbines are available, a 30 kW high-efficiency unit and a high power density 80 kW unit, with the variety of combinations offering a wide range of overall turbine power and efficiency options. The new generation turbine – which is in advanced stages of product ionization – is smaller and lighter and runs at higher speeds than previous versions. The technology can be compared to the range extender of the BMW i-REx in layman’s terms.

The Techrules REn electric vehicle is unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in 2017and the first production vehicle from the China-based automotive research and development company.  As part of rigorous ‘shakedown’ testing at the high-speed Monza circuit in Italy in mid-February 2017, Techrules has successfully completed checks on the prototype supercar’s steering, suspension systems, brakes and carbon fiber monocoque chassis.

The aerospace-inspired design is optimized for aerodynamic efficiency, with a striking modular three-cockpit design that has been crafted by world-renowned automotive designers, Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro. 

The Ren features a lightweight chassis that has been designed and constructed to the highest standards by esteemed motorsport specialist, L.M. Gianetti of Turin.

Techrules REn EV Hyper Car

25kWh Usable Lithium-Polymer – Available in 3 capacities – 14kWh/25kWh/32kWh

DC Fast Charge 80% in 15 minutes

100,000 Cycles

710-800V Nominal Voltage

Yurbines charging the abtteries either 30kW or high power density two 80kW turbine

Power Output 960kW (1,287hp / 1,305ps)

Total Torque at all wheels – 7800Nm / 5,753 lb.ft

Torque at front wheels – 780Nm / 575 lb.ft

Torque at rear wheels – 1,560Nm / 1,150 lb.ft

Total Torque at motor shaft – 1,560Nm / 1,725 lb.ft

EV Range 125mi / 200km in Chinese Combined Mode

Total Range 2000km from 80l of fuel

Top Speed 200mph / 320km/h

Acceleration 0 – 100km/h / 62mph on 2.5 seconds

Fuel Consumption 7.5l/100km


Length 4,694mm

Width 2,048mm

Height 1,200mm

Wheelbase 2,723.5mm

Dry Weight 1,630kg

Base Price C¥ 200,000

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