Invest in the Riversimple Hydrogen Electric Vehicle

wattev2buy classifiedsRiversimple is a UK based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEVs) who launched their engineering, road legal prototype – the Rasa – in Spring 2016, to international acclaim. Riversimple’s business plan distinctive in that it offers accessibility to the general public – Riversimple aims to offer affordable FCEVs on a full-service subscription model (much like a mobile phone contract) using agile production through small assembly lines close to markets. Riversimple will not sell the Rasa. This concept is in line with the company’s circular business model – a model that has been touted as both environmentally sound and profitable. The company is currently capitalising itself through crowdfunding and proceeds will be used to produce the first 20 vehicles for Beta testing. The funds would match an EU grant of €2m and a Welsh Government investment of £2m.

The first £1m tranche is to build test cars and develop them to the point of readiness for customer use. The two further tranches of £1m would fund 10 Rasa ‘Beta’ cars each. The cars will be hand-built in batches of five at the cost of approximately £100k per car. Each of the three tranches will unlock portions of the EU grant funding. (The UK government predicts 1.3m hydrogen cars will be on the road by 2030 and McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the clean tech product market will reach £1 trillion by 2020.)

The Riversimple team includes ex-F1, Bentley, aerospace engineers, who’ve worked on the Rasa for the last 15 years. The Rasa is also the most efficient road legal car on the road at 250mpg equivalent, and greenest – even if the hydrogen used is created with natural gas, the well-to-wheel CO2/km figure is only 40g. Hydrogen infrastructure is growing all the time, and many refuelling stations can create the hydrogen on site with tap water and electricity – which if created with renewable electricity, brings the well-to-wheel carbon emission down to nearly nothing.

Crowdfunding investors can gain all kinds of benefits, from a factory visit to being a Beta car driver to access to a full-serviced Rasa for life. Investments can start from as little as £50.


Funding Type

£1 mil to £3 mil





Cashflow Positive


Minimum Investment


Share Price

1,200 cars

Pre-“Booked” Vehicles


Vehicle Production Date

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