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Human Horizons, an integrated smart transport company unveiled its strategy on the 2nd of April 2019. As a fairly unkown company to many Human Horizons is already a leader in road-to-road technology and has participated in the formulation of standards for various government departments and institutions, and has gradually become the builder of the Zhijie transportation system. Human Horizons debuted three concept vehicles at the strategy launch and unveils its firts production vehicle at the end of July 2019 for mass production in 2020. The Concept H, Concept-A, Concept-U (H.U.A) represents Human Horizons three dimensional strategy of "car, road and city” creating three new smart car catogories. Concept H represents complete vehicle development, Concept U - road coordination, and Concept A, interconnect sharing. According to Ding Lei, founder and chairman of Human Horizons the development of the automotive industry is facing a rare opportunity at the moment. The arrival of technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and Internet of Things has forced the automotive industry to transform, restructuring and integrate with other sectors. Ding Lei explaned that Human Horizons first considers the external environment of the future vehicles, and realizes smarter cars and more interconnected systems through the integrated system solutions of “smart cars, smart transportation, smart cities”. In January 2019, Human Horizons opened the “World's First Car Road Collaborative Autopilot Intelligent Urban Road” for trial operation. Human Horizons is also participate in the planning and construction of intelligent roads and smart parks in Jiangsu Yancheng and Shanghai Lingang. On 31 July 2019 Human Horizons unveiled its auto brand, HiPhi, and its first A-EV model the HiPhi 1.

HiPhi Pure Electric Models


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