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April 2018 Edition – A complete database of all Chinese EV models qualifying for tax subsidies as listed under Chinese law. By purchasing the database you will also get a monthly update of all new electric cars listed in China for a year. The data set consists of 3 Files which includes BEV, PHEV and FCEV models. The database of EVs qualifying for incentives shows the following data in English:

BEV – Date / Manufacturer / Model Code / Model Name / Mileage / Weight / Battery Weight / Energy kWh

PHEV – Date / Manufacturer / Model Code / Model Name / Mileage / Fuel Consumption / Engine Capacity / Weight / Battery Weight / Energy kWh

FCEV – Date / Manufacturer / Model Code / Model Name / Mileage / Weight / Fuel Cell rated Power / Fixed Power

The database covers 566 BEV, 101 PHEV, and 7 FCEV models and their variants. There are many badly Google translated databases out there. We pride ourselves on spending much time and research in providing the most accurate and up to date data set to you.

The monthly update of the list of electric cars shows the following data:

Batch number | Engine Code | Manufacturer | Brand | Model Code | Model Type | Length | Width | Height | Total mass | Curb Weight | Top Speed | Range | Range at constant speed | Wh/km.kg | kWh/100km | Wh/kg | Battery Chemistry | Motor Type | Peak Power/rpm/N.m | Capacity kWh

tesla model x

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