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Global Ranking, EV sales by units sold in 2016
NO. 20

Ranked based on data available to wattEV2Buy, not according to an official source.

Registration Of Top Selling Plug-In Electric Vehicles By Model In Australia








2017 Week 32 - Queensland eHighway one of the longest

eHighways have been dominating the news this week, Queensland Australia has announced that they are busy developing the continents biggest electric vehicle friendly highway. The strip of road will stretch over 2000km and will be supplied with 18 charging stations. This will make it possible for citizens to drive up the east coast from Brisbane to Cairns without worrying about recharging their EV’s.

This is a big push from the Australian government to increase the number of electric vehicles in the country. The charging stations will be free of charge for at least the first year and this could incentives consumers to go electric (there are only 700 EV owners in Queensland at the moment).

2017 Week 23 - OZ Government slammed by EV sector

Longtime Nissan Chairman, Carlos Ghosn, this week commented that he does not see electric vehicle adoption equal to that of other nations soon. The Australian Governments lack of support for the sector has received widespread criticism from the auto sector recently. Mr. Ghosn was quoted by Australian publication, Drive, saying “The subsidies are important to jump-start the technology and help the technology reach a new level. I understand that your government is going to issue a new policy. I will be waiting [to see] what are the components of this policy.” Earlier this year Nissan Australia CEO Richard Emery lashed out at the Australian government over a lack of support for the EV sector, describing his dealings with the industry as ‘amateur hour.’

Other automakers have shared the same sentiment, this week BMW country chief, Mark Werner, according to Car Advice said at the launch of the plug-in hybrid 530e iPerformance that the government has “stuck their collective heads in the sand.” “Our government is so far behind in their view of climate change,” he said. “Australia has shocking emissions levels. Worse than what we would call non-industrialised or third-world countries.”

EV sales in Australia totaled less than a 1,000 vehicles in 2016, while the smaller neighbor, New Zealand sold close to 1,500 in the same period.

2016 Week 34 - Caltex Australia CEO says EVs not a factor

Recent reports of a Lithium shortage, which is more a case of miners not able to keep up production with demand requirements rather than there not being enough of the resource spurred Caltex Australia CEO, Julian Segal to comment that electric vehicles will not be a factor for the next ten years. Caltex has a vested interest in talking down the technology since they sell $17Bln of fuel per year. Mr. Segal, however, admitted that the rise of EV’s over combustion engines is unavoidable as the modern EV is to combustion engines as the car was to the horse-drawn buggy.


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