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Elextra Cars lifted the lid on its electric supercar some more today. The start-up first announced the creation of the Elextra electric car at the end of February 2017. The Swiss automaker today unveiled a new website with clearer renderings of the electric vehicle and more detail on the performance and specifications of the EV. Robert Palm, the designer of the Elextra supercar and CEO of Classic Factory, informed wattEV2Buy that the price should be in the region of $400k to $500k. The start-up also invited potential investors to approach it.

Producing on demand may be a potential route for the company to bring the car to production. It is common practice for manufacturers of limited release vehicles to build a vehicle on demand. Earlier this year the start-up brand NIO announced it would produce sixteen NIO EP9 supercars on demand at a price tag of $1.48million. The practice of assembling electric vehicles on demand is not just limited to start-ups, Audi will also build you an Audi R8 e-tron on demand.

Robert Palm, the Swiss designer of the design company, Classic Factory, and Danish entrepreneur Poul Sohl were the founders of Elextra Cars, Poul Sohl is however not involved with the venture anymore. The Elextra supercar is a four seat four door 4-WD electric vehicle to be built in Stuttgart Germany. Elextra Cars only plan to build around 100 units. The Elextra Cars electric vehicle is expected to accelerate from 0 – 100km/h in less than 2.3 seconds (0 – 62mph).

The body of the Elextra supercar is completely crafted from carbon fiber. A lightweight carbon fiber shell is placed on a stiff and extremely strong carbon fiber tub, resulting in a weight reduction of around 25% compared to an aluminum body.

The drivetrain of the Elextra EV consists of a dual motor which provides an improvement over an AWD system. To provide traction for the powerful motors, generating a maximum combined power of 680hp, the torque is electronically disbursed to the front and rear wheels of the Elextra car. The top speed of the Elextra electric car is governed to 250 km/h. We can assume that the battery capacity is around 100kWh as Elextra did not provide details on the battery size or chemistry. The Swiss automaker indicated that the electric supercar could achieve a range of 600km (375miles) at a constant speed of 100km/h (62.5mph), which should be the most boring 600km of your life in a supercar of this nature.

The Elextra will compete with other exclusive vehicles such as the Rimac Concept One and Toroidion 1MW.

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