Windbooster Titan EV

The production version of the Windbooster Titan EV is expected in the second half of 2017. The Chinese supercar will compete with a host of new startups in the Chinese EV sector, and it seems most start their efforts by producing a supercar first, on which to test and promote their platform. Contenders include LeEco, NextEV, Karma and Faraday Future, yet the most powerful and fastest still remain the Toroidion and Rimac from Europe and Tesla’s Model S P100D from the USA.


Windbooster Titan EV

72kWh Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity, Water-Cooled, 500V, located at the rear

e Range 400km

Battery Thermal Management System –  Fengxiang

Fengxiang synchronous permanent magnet water-cooled engine – Rear Wheel drive

Max power of 400kW / 544hp

Max Torque 1000N.m

Top Speed 260km/h

Acceleration 0 – 100km/h in 3.9 seconds

10kW Onboard Charger

Up tp 50kW regenerative braking system

Level 2 Charge – 7 hours

Level 3 Fast Charge 1.5 hours


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