TRAUM Electric Vehicles

wattEV2buy explores the Traum electric car strategy and list the Traum EV models, news, and sales as it vies for a position in the growing EV market.

Traum Auto from the Zotye stable was officially launched on the 27th of June 2017. The company is registered as Junma New Energy Automobile and headquartered in Hebei Province. Traum uses Zotye’s Chongqing plant for its vehicle production. Traum is the German word for “Dream” and is focussed on the aspirational youth segment in the fast-growing Chinese economy. Traum uses the MEET series designation for its coupe’s and crossovers while the SEEK designation covers SUV models.

The Traum electric car strategy starts with an electric version of its MEET 3 crossover followed by the MEET 5 in H2 2019. Traum’s EV powertrain has a range between 400km and 500km, and its battery lifecycle will range between 800,000 km and 1,000,000 km. Traum will also offer a plug-in version of the SEEK 5 which will have a range of 50miles (80km) and combined fuel consumption of 3L/100km.

TRAUM Pure Electric Models

TRAUM Plug-in Hybrid Electric Models


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