Mirai means “Future” in Japanese. The Toyota Mirai includes an optional “Power Take-off” which is a DC adapter in the boot that allows the owner to draw power off of the fuel cell powering his home in emergency situations. The Mirai can provide 60kWh on a full charge, which is about two days of power at the US average household energy consumption of 30kWH



Battery 245 V nickel-metal hydride

The solid-polymer electrolyte fuel cell itself was developed in-house by Toyota and is comprised of 370 cells, each weighing 102 grams and measuring 1.34 mm in thickness. The fuel cell does not need a humidifier, thanks to internal water circulation.

The Mirai can hold a maximum of 5.0 kilograms of compressed hydrogen in two 10,000-psi carbon-fiber-reinforced high-pressure tanks, positioned under and behind the rear seats.

Output density is 3.1 kW per liter or 2.0 kW per kilogram, which Toyota claims is among the world’s best.

e Range 312mi EPA

Power 151hp

Torque 247lb.ft

Fuel Economy 67MPGe

Top Speed 108mph

Acceleration  0 – 60mph in 9.4 seconds

Zero Emissions

MSRP From $57,500 plus 3 years worth of fuel free

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