Subaru Electric Vehicles

Subaru developed an electric Kei car in 2008, the Subaru Stella, with the intention to market it in Europe but the plan never materialized. Since the Stella, the Subaru EV strategy more or less flatlined but was brought back to life in the first half of 2017 when the Japanese carmaker announced that it will invest heavily in R&D for electric cars. At the time Subaru planned to bring electrified versions of current models to market as soon as 2018. The Subaru XV Crossover, which received the highest score for safety, is expected to be the first model to be available as a PHEV to capitalize on the Chinese push towards electrification. Subaru is 16.9 percent owned by Toyota who has a less than enthusiastic approach towards electric cars. Subaru aims to bring a new pure electric vehicle to life by 2021.

Subaru plans to reduce the average well-to-wheel emmissions down from its 2010 levels by 90% by 2025, and produce only electric vehicles by 2035.

Subaru Plug-in Hybrid Electric Models

Subaru Concept EV Models

Subaru Electric Car Strategy in the news

2018 Week 1 Subaru joins Toyota's EV project.

Four more companies joined the Toyota/Mazda/Denso JV, EV C.A. Spirit Co. Suzuki Motor Corp., Subaru Corp., Daihatsu Motor Co. and Hino Motors Ltd. will each contribute engineers to the project but not take any equity in the company.

2017 Week 47 Subaru to produce EVs by 2021

One of the last international brands to join the race to develop electric vehicles, Subaru, lifted the lid further on its electrification plans this week. The Japanese Times reported that Subaru will introduce a series of pure electric vehicles produced at its Guma Prefecture for the Japanese market from 2021 according to a source. According to the JT Subaru will also introduce PHEV versions in the USA from 2018 to comply with regulations in its largest market outside of Japan. It is expected that the company will bring PHEVs of the Legacy Outback, Forester SUV, and Impreza sedan to the USA as the carmaker now pins its hopes on EVs to boost its struggling brand image. Subaru which has won various awards for safety despite a recent scandal related to breaches in its final inspection department. In an effort to save development costs the company is considering joining the recently created partnership between Toyota and Mazda to develop EV tech.


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