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SMART, a fun unconventional brand within the Daimler stable. Now only sell EV models in the USA and from 2020 in Europe.

The SMART ForTwo and ForFour ED model series are the only vehicle brand which will sport its entire model series in both pure electric and combustion variants. Although an old stalwart on the electric vehicle scene the ForTwo is upgraded to a fourth generation late 2016 which will include an electric version of the ForFour. Buyers can expect an improvement in the charging capabilities in the new generation release.

The ForTwo ED was the first European export of an electric vehicle to China and a market leader in its home country, Germany with 40% market share for three years running. The ForTwo makes up a large component of the car2go car sharing scheme with 1400 vehicles in 3 cities.

smart Pure Electric Models

smart Concept EV Models

smart Electric Car Strategy in the news

2018 Week 40 Smart unveils the forEase concept EV

The Daimler brand smart celebrated its 20 anniversary at the Paris Motor Show with the smart forease show car, interpreting and embodying the fun urban driving brand. The smart forease is based on the standard-production smart EQ fortwo cabrio and can therefore be driven.

2018 Week 10 Smart Nightsky Edition unveiled in Geneva

Mercedes presented the latest smart EQ fortwo “Edition Nightsky” (combined power consumption: 13.0-12,9 kWh/100 km; combined CO2emissions: 0 g/km) and the smart EQ forfour (combined power consumption: 13.2-13.1 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) with a 22kW onboard charger. The improved charging allows for quick recharging of the smart city car, compensating somewhat for the relatively short range, making it an ideal for city dwellers.

2018 Week 7 Long waiting time if you order a Smart

According to a survey by the German publication “Automobilwoche” the success of electric cars in Germany seems to be the technologies biggest risk as prospective buyers now face delivery times that can have them waiting as long as a year for their new EV. The problem is not isolated to buyers of imported vehicles only but also local brands such as Volkswagen where buyers have to wait until October 2018 for delivery of e new e-Golf purchased today.

SMART CEO Annette Winkler said that the increase in demand is much stronger and faster than could have expected and planned for with the companies suppliers, resulting in buyers only receiving their new Smart by the end of 2018 or early 2019.

2018 Week 7 New Smart to get 22kW charger

Mercedes to unveil a new Smart edition at the Geneva Auto Show – the Smart Nightsky Edition which will be available with a 22kW onboard charger from March 2018, reducing charge time significantly to compensate for the short range of the Smart EV.

2017 Week 35 Daimler unveils self-driving EQ ForTwo

Daimler announced the creation of its new EV specific brand, EQ, at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2016. This week the luxury carmaker showed us more of its Vision EQ by unveiling the Smart Vision EQ ForTwo in the week running up to the Frankfurt Auto Show. According to the company, the Smart EQ provides a new vision of urban mobility where individualization options make the shared vehicle feel like “your” vehicle. The Smart EQ is the first vehicle from the Daimler Group to take the logical step of dispensing with a steering wheel and pedals. 

The Smart EQ is developed according to the German automaker’s CASE strategy which stands for the strategic pillars of connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric drive systems (Electric). EQ plans to introduce more than ten new electric cars by 2022, from the Smart up to a large SUV.

The Smart EQ has a battery capacity of 30kWh, nearly double that of the 2017 Smart ForTwo ED. The vehicle functions are controlled via personal mobile device or voice input, an arrangement that is intuitive, convenient and hygienic. 

Dispensing with conventional control elements makes the white interior appear even more spacious. The dashboard is replaced by a 24-inch (58.5 x 15.6 cm) screen which is surrounded by a rose gold-colored frame.

Daimler will also unveil the Mercedes Concept EQA teased above at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

2017 Week 21 Mercedes Benz USA announces pricing for SmartED

Mercedes-Benz announced the pricing for the 2017 Smart Fortwo electric drive coupe and Cabrio to be released in the summer for the US market. The new pricing for the iconic city electric vehicle will start at only $23,800 and $28,000 for the Cabrio. Pricing excludes federal and state tax incentives, levies, and a $750 destination and delivery charge.

2017 Week 7 No more smart models with combustion engines

Mercedes USA announced that its SMART brand will stop selling combustion based Smart ForFour and ForTwo models in the USA and Canada. The brand will focus on electric models only in a report by Reuters. 


2016 Week 39 2017 EV Models

Daimler’s city car brand, Smart, unveiled new electric versions of its SmartForTwo, SmartForFour, and Cabriolet models. The vehicles, designed for City living has a range of around 100miles and sports a clever new innovation to optimize the regenerative braking system by using a laser to determine the traffic nd selecting the best mode accordingly.


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