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The Volkswagen company, headquartered in the Czech Republic, ŠKODA has released its electromobility strategy. The Skoda electric vehicle strategy, called the Vision E concept will debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2017. Skoda is the last if the Volkswagen Group of companies to unveil its electric vehicle strategy. The company benefits from research and development of the Volkswagen Group and will build its electric vehicles on the German automakers MEB Platform. Skoda’s strategy will kick-off with a plug-in hybrid vehicle in 2019, the ŠKODA SUPERB PHEV followed by an all-electric version of its popular city car, the Citigo. The company will produce five fully electric vehicles by 2025. The Skoda Vision E will include self-driving technology and be classified as a Level 3 Autonomous vehicle, in line with the company’s expectation that 15% of all vehicle to be self-driving by 2030.

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Week 7 2020 Skoda names its first EV

ŠKODA announces the first EV introduced under it’s EV only sub-brand, ŠKODA V, as it commits two billion euros to be invested in E-Mobility. The name of the first model from the brand is ENYAQ, developed on the MEB modular electrification toolokit of the Volkswagen Group. The name ENYAQ is derived from the Irish name ‘Enya’, meaning ‘source of life’, and combines the ‘E’ for e-mobility with the characteristic ‘Q’ of ŠKODA’s SUV family.

Week 9 2018 Skoda committed to fossil fuels

Skoda’s strategy remains stubbornly committed to fossil fuels as the automaker believes combustion vehicles can be just as clean as electric vehicles. The company announced this week that it would unveil the ŠKODA VISION X at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 this week. The VISION X drivetrain comprises of petrol, gas and electric power ensuring CO2 emissions of only 89 g/km. The internal combustion engine is a 1.5-litre TSI G-TEC four-cylinder turbocharged engine specifically designed for use with CNG (compressed natural gas). The CNG drive produces a maximum output of 96 kW (130 hp) and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. One CNG tank is located under the rear seat; the second behind the rear axle. The CNG unit drives the front axle; an electric motor drives the rear axle. This is activated as needed – to engage additional power when starting (boost effect) or to improve the traction on smooth surfaces and off-road. The capacity of the compact energy storage unit for the electric motor is sufficient to drive the concept study over a distance of up to two kilometers on electric power alone.

Week 34 2017 Skoda enters into emerging automotive tech JV

Skoda Auto DigiLab and its Israeli commercial partner, Champion Motors agreed to open a technology center in Tel Aviv to collaborate with start-ups and universities on emerging automotive tech.


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