Unveiled in May 2014, the Shockwave Defiant EV³ Roadster is in pre-production for launch in 2017. The roll-out of the Defiant EV³ will start in the Southeastern United States followed by the rest of America and international markets after that. The Defiant EV³ is a three-wheel three passenger electric vehicle. Shockwave claims the Defiant EV³ charges in half the time as the Nissan Leaf when charged from a Level 2 Charger. The classic design of the Defiant EV³ can easily make it the environmentally friendly ZZ Top Mobile. The Roadster’s lithium-ion battery stands out from other electric vehicles in the sense that it uses large format prismatic cells, making it less susceptible to thermal instability.



Shockwave Defiant EV³ Roadster


14.4Kwh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) large format, prismatic battery (100 amps and 144-volt, composed of 45 individual cells, each rated 3.2-volts)

Expected Electric Range 80 to 100 miles

Level 1 Charge – 120-volt outlet for about 8 hours for a complete recharge.

Level 2 Charge – The roadster will recharge in about half the time of a Leaf when plugged into a Level ll Charger.

Expected Fuel Efficiency 150+ MPGe

Fuel Consumption 100w / mile

Top Speed 75mph

MSRP $24,950


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