The Rasa, based from the Latin “Tabula Rasa”, meaning clean slate, is a lightweight two-seater hydrogen fuel cell powered car. The Rasa hydrogen vehicle us four-wheel driven and has regenerative breaking. The manufacturer calls it a Network Electric car, meaning that the energy can flow in any direction on any path, not just between the fuel source and motor. The network configuration allows the vehicle to require a smaller fuel cell only for propulsion and not for acceleration, which gains from over 50% of the braking energy that is captured to boost acceleration. Riversimple is planning another 20 pilot vehicles this year (2016), depending funding and then full production in 2018. The company is currently crowdfunding capital for the production of the Beta units.




8.5kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell, low powered

e Range 300mi / 480km

Top speed 60mph / 96km/h

Curb weight 580kg

Fuel Economy 250MPGe

Zero emissions and 40gCO2/km Well-to-Wheel


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