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Mercedes unveiled the Mercedes EQ Concept electric vehicle at the Paris Auto Show in 2016 targeting 2019/2020 for its release. The official release date and price is yet to be determined but is expected in the first half of 2019. The Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC EV SUV is assembled at the Bremen plant in Germany. Daimler has taken the battery development and manufacturing for the EQC in-house at its Deutsche Accumotive plant in Kamenz near Dresden. By the time of the market launch, prototypes and pre-series versions of the EQC (combined power consumption: 22.2 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km, provisional data)1 will have covered several million kilometers during testing on four continents (Europe, North America, Asia and Africa). The test program comprises more than 500 individual tests. Like all Mercedes‑Benz vehicles, the EQC must absolve the demanding standard test programme.

Advanced Driver Assistance of the EQC includes new functions such as the Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC which activates predictive speed adjustment when approaching the end of a tailback. The Distronic system reduces the speed of the EQC to 100km/h (62mph) when a tailback is identified. When driving in a tailback the rescue lane function is activated which further reduce to speed to below 60km/h (38mph). The EQC 400 also includes passive safety systems such as cutting off the high-voltage system in the event of a crash. The battery pack itself also features its own multi-stage safety system for day-to-day operation. This includes e.g. monitoring the temperature, voltage, and insulation.


The 80kWh battery of the EQC 400 4 MATIC provides an estimated NEDC range of around 450km (281 miles). The battery can be charged with a 7.4kW onboard charger, the Mercedes Wallbox which is three times faster than the onboard charger or through the IONITY fast charging network at a maximum output of 110kW. Ionity is a JV network by various European auto brands in answer to Tesla’s Supercharging network. Ionity will have around 400 fast charging station by 2020, which is the same amount Tesla had in 2015. Through Mercedes me Charge drivers are navigated and provided convenient access and payment for charging stations of numerous providers.

The instrument cluster and media display (2 x 10.25-inch as standard) are housed behind a shared, continuous glass surface to form a large, free-standing screen. The EQC features the innovative multimedia system MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience – which has numerous EQ specific functions such as the display of range, charge status, and energy flow. EQ optimized navigation, driving modes, charging current and departure time can also be controlled and set via MBUX. The MBUX display has a special EQ tile where numerous EQ features are grouped. Alternatively, the user can access the EQ menu of the MBUX system directly using a key in the lower left control panel. Thanks to natural language recognition, the EQ specific voice control helps the driver to operate the EQC.



Mercedes EQC EV Specs 2019 Battery Chemistry Battery Capacity kWh Battery Nominal rating kWh Voltage V Amps Ah Cells Modules Efficiency Weight (kg) Cell Type SOC Cooling Cycles Battery Type Scalable floor mounted battery components Depth of Discharge (DOD) Energy Density Wh/kg Battery Manufacturer Battery Warranty - years Battery Warranty - km Battery Warranty - miles Battery Electric Range - at constant 38mph Battery Electric Range - at constant 60km/h Battery Electric Range - at constant 25mph Battery Electric Range - at constant 40km/h Battery Electric Range - JC08 Mi Battery Electric Range - JC08 km Battery Electric Range - NEDC Mi 312 Battery Electric Range - NEDC km 500 Battery Electric Range - CCM Mi Battery Electric Range - CCM km Battery Electric Range - EPA Mi Battery Electric Range - EPA km Electric Top Speed - mph Electric Top Speed - km/h Acceleration 0 - 100km/h sec Acceleration 0 - 50km/h sec Acceleration 0 - 125km/h sec Acceleration 0 - 125mph sec Acceleration 0 - 188mph sec Acceleration 0 - 62mph sec Acceleration 0 - 60mph sec Acceleration 0 - 37.2mph sec Braking 100-0km/h (m) Wireless Charging Yes Direct Current Fast Charge kW Charger Efficiency Onboard Charger kW Onboard Charger Optional kW Charging Cord - amps Charging Cord - volts LV 1 Charge kW LV 1 Charge Time (Hours) LV 2 Charge kW LV 2 Charge Time (Hours) LV 3 CCS/Combo kW LV 3 Charge Time (min to 70%) LV 3 Charge Time (min to 80%) LV 3 Charge Time (mi) LV 3 Charge Time (km) Battery Swap (min) Supercharger Charging System kW Charger Output Charge Connector Braking Power Outlet kW Power Outlet Amps MPGe Combined - miles MPGe Combined - km MPGe City - miles MPGe City - km MPGe Highway - miles MPGe Highway - km Max Power - hp (Electric Max) 402.306 Max Power - kW (Electric Max) 300 Max Torque - lb.ft (Electric Max) 520 Max Torque - N.m (Electric Max) 705.016 Drivetrain Permanent AWD Generator Motor Type Electric Motor Manufacturer Electric Motor Output kW Electric Motor Output hp Transmission Electric Motor - Rear 1 Max Power - hp (Rear) Max Power - kW (Rear) Max Torque - lb.ft (Rear) Max Torque - N.m (Rear) Electric Motor - Front 1 Max Power - hp (Front) Max Power - kW (Front) Max Torque - lb.ft (Front) Max Torque - N.m (Front) Energy Consumption kWh/100km Energy Consumption kWh/100miles Deposit GB Battery Lease per month EU Battery Lease per month China Battery Lease per month MSRP (expected) EU MSRP (before incentives & destination) NOK MSRP (before incentives & destination) GB MSRP (before incentives & destination) US MSRP (before incentives & destination) JAP MSRP (before incentives & destination) CHINA MSRP (before incentives & destination) Local Currency MSRP MSRP after incentives Vehicle Trims Doors Seating Dimensions Luggage (L) Luggage Max (L) GVWR (kg) GVWR (lbs) Curb Weight (kg) Curb Weight (lbs) Payload Capacity (kg) Payload Capacity (lbs) Towing Capacity (lbs) Max Load Height (m) Ground Clearance (inc) Ground Clearance (mm) Lenght (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Lenght (inc) 0.0 Width (inc) 0.0 Height (inc) 0.0 Wheelbase (inc) 0.0 Other Utility Factor Sales Auto Show Unveil Availability Market Segment LCD Screen (inch) Class Safety Level Unveiled Relaunch First Delivery Chassis designed Based On Extras AKA Assembly Self-Driving System SAE Autonomous Level Connectivity Unique Extras Incentives Home Charge Installation Assembly Public Charging Subsidy Chinese Name Model Code WEBSITE



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2018 Week 36 - Mercedes opens registration for the EQC400 4MATIC EV SUV

The day has finally arrived! Mercedes unveiled the EQC 400 4MATIC EV SUV on the 4th of September in Stockholm and open pre-registration through an exclusive online registration service with “EQC Registration”. Interested parties can receive updates about the EQC []. No pricing or a firm release date was set at the launch. Production of the EQC 400 electric SUV will be at the same plant in Bremen where the C-Class Saloon and Estate, GLC and GLC Coupe are assembled. The EQC will also be assembled in Beijing with Daimler’s JV partner BAIC. The Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler and CEO of Mercedes Dieter Zetsche said of the EQC 400 “It’s the Mercedes of electric vehicles.” EQC-Pictures-Top-5-ev-news-week-36-2018-wattev2buy

2018 Week 35 - Mercedes teases EQC before September launch



Mercedes teased images this week of the EQC in the run-up to the September 4 launch of the Mercedes EQC SUV, the first model from Daimler’s EV specific brand. The marketing campaign which started in Week 19 with spy images saw the German automaker tweeting images of the “Mystic Front”, “Mystic Rear” and dash of the much anticipated luxury electric SUV. Mercedes has the jump on Audi who postponed the launch of the Audi e-tron Quattro to mid-September from August after the arrest of its CEO.


2017 Week 12 - Mercedes-Benz EQ hit by trademark complaint

A trademark complaint in China filed by Chery Auto will hamper Mercedes-Benz new electric vehicle brand EQ‘s international aspirations. The Chery eQ, one of the most popular EV micro car’s in China over the last two years share too much similarity for the German automaker to be allowed to use the name in the worlds’ largest electric vehicle market. The Chery eQ sold around 25,000 units since it’s launch in 2015, making it one of the top 10 electric vehicles in the country. Mercedes-Benz launched the EQ brand at the Paris Auto Show in late 2016 to house all its electric vehicle products and services. One can only wonder how a large corporate could have let that one slide! The EQ brand stands for “Electric Intelligence” and is the spearhead for Daimler’s efforts to have electric vehicles represent between 15% and 25% of its global sales.

2016 Week 39 - EQ Concept electric vehicle unveiled

Mercedes finally publically unveiled its new all-electric car brand, the EQ (Electric Intelligence). The brand will develop a host of EV related services and products, not just cars, such as charging stations and battery packs. The first vehicle to come from the brand is targeted at the highly popular SUV segment, a clever move to differentiate the brand in this hotly contested sector. The Generation EQ SUV with a battery capacity of 70kWh providing a range of over 250miles powering two electric motors providing 300kW of power. The production version is expected to be launched in 2018.


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