McLaren Electric Vehicles

The British-based McLaren Automotive, a manufacturer of luxury vehicles, supercars, and racing cars vehicle is an early entrant into the electric vehicle sector, with its technology the used as the base for all participants of the first Formula E season. The McLaren Production Centre is situated in Woking, Surrey and like Tesla, the company owns its distribution network, consisting of 71 international outlets. The company has a 6-year plan to offer at least 50% of its model range as a hybrid by 2020 and will spend $1.4Bn in R&D to achieve this. There are also plans afoot to produce an all-electric McLaren P1.

McLaren Plug-in Hybrid Electric Models

McLaren Electric Car Strategy in the news

2018 Week 36 No EVs for McLaren

McLaren announced earlier that combustion vehicle technology would remain at the heart of its development going forward and rather be pursuing mild hybrid engines (48V) as opposed to a plug-in hybrid. This week the niche auto company said that all its models will be hybrids by 2025. McLaren models will also have advanced driving assistance or autonomous driving features, cybersecurity and “Over the Air” capabilities. 

Autocar quoted McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt, saying “True to the spirit of pushing the boundaries of technology to benefit drivers, McLaren will also evaluate new augmented driving features and help develop a lighter, superfast-charging, high-power battery system for performance applications that is expected to have over 30 minutes of electric range around a racetrack.”

2016 Week 38 Takeover talk

Apple is on the acquisition trail with a report in Bloomberg this week citing that the tech giant is in talks to acquire the electric vehicle and advanced motor technologies. The targets include Lit Motors and McLaren. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple commented that the company would invest some of its $200Bln cash reserves in strategic investments to ensure growth beyond its iPhone success. Lit, a San Francisco based startup is the holder of various self-driving patents and is in the process of fundraising to bring its self-balancing electric motorcycle to market. Reports also indicate that BMW, Audi, and a Korean manufacturer are in talks with the startup.


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