The Lightning GT launched by the Lightning Car Company at the British International Motor Show in 2008 is expected to go into production in 2017. Deliveries of the vehicle have been expected since 2009 but was delayed due to funding constraints. The Lightning is fondly referred to as the British answer to the Tesla Roadster.


Lightning GT

2 x 22kWh Lithium Titanite Batteries

Battery Supplier Altairnano

e Range initially 150mi / 240km but expected to be over 250mi at launch

9kW Onboard Charger

Level 1 Charge 12 hours

Level 2 Charge 5 hours (32amp) or 2.5 hours with an optional onboard charger

Rear Wheel Drive, 2 x 150kW electric motors

Max Power 300kW / 402bhp

Max Torque 400N.m

Acceleration 0 – 60mp/h in 4 seconds

Top Speed 124mp/h / 200km/h

2 Seat

MSRP £150,000

Awards – Car of The Show at the last Excel London Motor Show

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