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2018 Week 34 Kalashnikov takes aims at Tesla

The Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov revealed a prototype of its concept electric vehicle the Kalashnikov CV1 this week. According to Kalashnikov, they see the CV1 as a contender to Tesla. Kalashnikov is best known for the AK47 assault rifle, the most prolific rifle in the world and preferred by warlords and drug dealers across the globe.

Looking at the specs provided by Kalashnikov they should shop around for battery technology, a 90kWh battery that only delivers 217 miles sounds like 2010 technology. You can’t miss the charging port at the rear of the car. From my own military experience, the AK47 was an indestructible weapon which you could fire after digging it up from the ground, only time will tell if the CV1 will live up to the same standard. Kalashnikov did not elaborate on production plans or when a final product will be unveiled.

Let’s hope that the CV1 kills fewer people than the AK47. For fear of being shot I will not comment on the looks of the car which is touted as a retro EV. For all the specs of the Kalashnikov CV-1 Concept EV click here.


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