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Genesis is a luxury brand officially created in 2015 as a standalone marque within the Hyundai stable. Genesis Electric Vehicles strategy got a boost when according to Reuters the company announced in June 2016 that it would launch an all-electric car. The company acknowledged that electric vehicles are a factor to consider. According to wattEV2buy, it is imperative for any luxury brand to include an all-electric variant as the segment includes most of the early adopters with the means to pay the premium initially associated with the technology. The challenge for any new entrant in this segment, like Genesis, is that it is also where the most competition is and that Genesis truly has to develop a stand-out product to compete. It will be interesting to see what technological support the sub-brand gets from its parent which is more focused on Fuel Cell electric vehicles, such as the Hyundai Tucson i35 FCEV. Genesis unveiled the Essentia Concept EV at the New York International Auto Show in 2018.

Recently revealed trademark data give us some insight in the Genesis EV strategy. The South Korean company registered the following electric model names,  eGV70 (compact SUV),  eGV80 (midsize SUV), eGV90 (large SUV), eG70 (compact sedan), eG80 (midsize sedan), and eG90 (flagship sedan).

Future Genesis Electric vehicles

Genesis Concept EV Models

Genesis Electric Car Strategy in the news

2017 Week 13 Genesis to introduce a PHEV by 2019

Hyundai now expects the EV market to be around 10% of the global fleet by 2025, at which point Fuel Cell EV’s will take off. Hyundai’s luxury brand, Genesis also announced today that it would introduce a PHEV by 2019 and BEV by 2021.


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