Dacia Electric Vehicles

Dacia is a low-cost auto manufacturer based in Romania and owned by the French Renault Group. Up to 2017, the company had no clear strategy on electric vehicles and the only Dacia EVs on the roads were conversions by third parties, such as the Dacia Logan EMC below. In 2017 Renault announced that Dacia will produce low-cost EVs but has yet to clearly define the Dacia EV strategy.

Future Dacia Electric vehicles

Dacia Concept EV Models

Dacia Electric Car Strategy in the news

Week 28 2017 DACIA to produce low cost EVs

The Renault owned Romanian producer of low-cost vehicles, Dacia; this week indicated that it would also enter the market for alternatively fuelled vehicles according to a Romanian publication quoting Renault Group’s Commercial Director Hakim Bouthera. According to Mr. Bouthera Dacia needs to reposition itself as the market changes away from combustion engines but should maintain its DNA as producer of affordable cars. The Romanian EV market has seen a steady rise in the adoption of electric vehicles, with April 2017 data showing a near three-fold increase in EV sales compared to the same period in 2016. The April data shows that 548 EVs were sold at the end of the month to only 195 in the same period of the previous year. EVs now constitute 1% of registered vehicles in Romania with around 2,000 alternatively fuelled cars sold in the last three years. The Romanian government supports the EV sector with a €10,000 (45,000 lei) subsidy.


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