Changan Ford Electric Vehicles

The Changan Ford joint venture company established in 2012 is headquartered in Chongqing and plants also in Hangzhou and Harbin. Changan Ford is the largest production unit for Ford outside its Detroit Michigan unit. Since 2012 Ford sunk around $2 billion into Changan Ford, most of the investment is associated with combustion production capital. Changan Ford is one of the latecomers to the Chinese EV sector.

Changan Ford Plug-in Hybrid Electric Models

Changan Ford Electric Car Strategy in the news

2017 Week 34 Ford enter JVs in China to develop EVs

Ford and the Chinese automaker Anhui Zotye this week announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a 50/50 JV to develop electrified passenger vehicles in China. The JV is the second such JV announced by Ford, which is experiencing sales declines in the Chinese vehicle sector. The Detroit based company and another Chinese domestic JV partner, Changan, announced in April that they would offer PHEV and BEV versions of all the vehicles they manufacture by 2025.


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