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The BYD F3DM PHEV sedan based on the BYD F3 sedan was the first mass market Plug-in EV of recent time. The F3DM’s commercial release first introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 2008, was scheduled for December 2009 on a lease only basis in China to Government agencies. The vehicle entered its first overseas markets, the USA in 2010 on a test basis, and later Spain in 2011. The F3DM was assembled at the Xi’an plant in Shaanxi China. The DM stands for the Dual Model platform used by BYD for its Plug-In Hybrid vehicles, providing the vehicle two drive modes, HV and EV. The F3DM was not a commercial success as sales did not live up to expectations, mostly due to a lack of charging infrastructure. BYD discontinued the F3DM in 2013 and replaced it with the BYD Qin and a pure electric version, the Qin EV300 in 2016.

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BYD F3DM PHEV 2008	2013 Battery Chemistry		LiFePO4 Battery Capacity kWh		16 Battery Nominal rating kWh		 Voltage		3.3 Modules		 Cells		100 Energy Density Wh/kg		100 Weight kg		200 Battery Manufacturer		 Cooling		 Battery Warranty years		 Battery Warranty km		 Battery Electric Range - CCM Mi		37.5 Battery Electric Range - CCM km		60 Battery Electric Range - EPA Mi		 Battery Electric Range - EPA km		 Electric Top Speed - mph		 Electric Top Speed - km/h		 Acceleration 0 - 37.2mph sec		 Onboard Charger		 LV 1 Charge		 LV 1 Charge Time (Hours)		 LV 2 Charge		 LV 2 Charge Time (Hours)		9 LV 3 CCS/Combo kW		 LV 3 Charge Time (min to 80%)		30 Charge Connector		 MPGe Combined - miles		 MPGe Combined - km		 MPGe City - miles		 MPGe City - km		 MPGe Highway - miles		 MPGe Highway - km		 Generator		Yes Max Power - hp		33.5 Max Power - kW		25 Max Torque - lb.ft		 Max Torque - N.m		 Electric Motor - Rear		Yes Max Power - hp		150 Max Power - kW		50 Max Torque - lb.ft		 Max Torque - N.m		200 Electric Motor Output kW		 Electric Motor Output hp		 Transmission		 Drivetrain		Perm Mag Syncro Energy Consumption kWh/100miles		16 Utility Factor		 MSRP (before incentives & destination)		 ¥200,000.00  Combustion -1.0L 3 Cylinder Gasoline Engine		 Extended Range - mile		363 Extended Range - km		580 Max Power - hp		67 Max Power - kW		50 Max Torque - lb.ft		 Max Torque - N.m		90 Top speed - mph		100.0 Top speed - km/h		160 Acceleration 0 - 62mph sec		10.5 MPGe Combined - miles		 MPGe Combined - km		 MPGe City - miles		 MPGe City - km		 MPGe Highway - miles		 MPGe Highway - km		 Transmission		CVT Fuel Consumption l/100km		 Emission Rating		 Emissions CO2/mi grams		 Emissions CO2/km grams		 Total System		 Max Power - hp		 Max Power - kW		125 Max Torque - lb.ft		 Max Torque - N.m		400 Fuel Consumption l/100km		 MPGe Combined - miles		 Vehicle		 Doors		 Dimensions		 Fuel tank (l)		 GVWR (kg)		 Curb Weight (kg)		 Wheelbase (mm)		2600 Ground Clearance (mm)		 Lenght (mm)		4533 Width (mm)		1705 Height (mm)		1520 Other


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