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Looking for electric vehicle market information to guide you in your decision making, be it strategy, sales, consulting or design? wattEV2buy now ranks the highest of all its competitors on Chinese EV brands and Chinese EV Models, making the website one of the most authoritative sources of information on this exciting market. wattEV2Buy provides data and deep analysis on all aspects of the EV sector. Our up to date database of Chinese electric vehicles of all classes provide you a greater insight into the latest technology trends and market information in the active Chinese EV sector. wattEV2Buy also provide analysis on the latest EV sales in China.

Although watteEv2buy targeted the Chinese EV market as a niche, our knowledge and data cover the whole EV sector, and we can provide any data on request.

We provide custom reports on the latest web search trends for electric vehicles on a country basis. The report is valuable to marketers, sales teams, consultants and developers in determining which cars are the most popular in the selected market at a specific time and to identify trends. Please contact us to determine how we can help you.



wattEv2buy offers an annual subscription service providing access to various databases. Through a dynamic HTML portal, users can view and use our data that is updated continuously. Please contact us for pricing or to find out how we can assist you either through custom reports or the following standard views shown through the sample:

  • Chinese EV database, all vehicle types listed monthly.
  • All EV specs of EVs currently available in the market.
  • Chinese EV sales.

EV subscription service


A complete database of all Chinese electric special vehicles qualifying for tax subsidies as listed under Chinese law. The current dataset, complete to November 2017 with nearly 6,500 models, consists of 4,210 electric buses, 1,658 electrified special vehicles, 90 electric trucks and 573 electric passenger cars. The dataset is updated with every new release by the Chinese Government.

The database covers pure electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles.

The data fields per electric model are:

  • For pure electric models – Date / Manufacturer / Model Code / Model Name / Mileage / Weight / Battery Weight / Energy kWh
  • For PHEV models – Date / Manufacturer / Model Code / Model Name / Mileage / Fuel Consumption / Engine Displacement / Weight / Battery Weight / Energy kWh
  • For FCEV models – Date / Manufacturer / Model Code / Model Name / Mileage / Weight / Fuel Cell rated Power / Fixed Power

The database for Special Electric Vehicles include:

  • Electric Light Delivery Vehicles
  • Electric Panel Vans
  • Electric Refrigerated Vans
  • Electric Forklift Vans
  • Electric Garbage Trucks
  • Electric Street Sweepers
  • Electric Sprinkler Trucks
  • Electric Dust Suppression Trucks
  • Electric Crew Cabs
  • Electric Mobile Service Vehicles
  • Electric Mobile Shops
  • Electric Concrete Mixers
  • Electric Tow Trucks
  • Electric Skip Removal Trucks
  • Electric Armoured Vans
  • Electric Ambulances
  • Electric Driver Training Vehicles
  • Electric Staff Buses
  • Electric Power Supply Trucks
  • Electric Snow Plow
  • Electric Pump Trucks
  • Electric Wing Opening Trucks


The 6-page report is a detailed analysis of monthly Chinese EV Sales and includes a breakdown of the latest electric car sales by brand, model, technology, and ranking the gainers and losers.



We have designed some cool tools to compare electric vehicles. Our tools include a mobile app, charging cost calculator and EV selector. Use wattEV2Buy’s proprietary tools to find the ideal EV for your requirements and determine the cost of charging EVs.



Not sure which model EV to choose?

wattEV2Buy’s easy to use EV Select tool helps identify which electric vehicle is perfect for your specific requirements. EV Select compare electric vehicles battery electric range over various vehicle types. Within four clicks you can get the perfect luxury sedan able to drive your required distance on battery power.



Unsure what the charging cost will be?

wattEV2Buy’s easy to use Charging Cost Calculator compare electric vehicles charging cost in your state and relate it to equivalent gasoline cost. The charging cost calculator also allows you to be specific and customize your electricity cost in kWh and provide results in miles and kilometers, making it usable all over the world.