Could electric buses convert the public to electric cars?

When you bear in mind that Chinese companies alone produced in excess of 112,000 electric buses in 2015, a year-on-year increase of 315%, this is a sector which is often overlooked. We have the UK authorities looking to increase the number of electric buses on the road, the Helsinki government announcing the introduction of self-driving electric buses and now the likes of Tesla moving into areas such as electric trucks and maybe even electric buses at some point?

High visibility helps the EV industry

Over the years one of the main problems for the electric car market has been reluctance amongst many motorists to try this new mode of transport. We have seen issues such as cost, journey capacity and a lack of electric car maintenance and repair services coming to the fore to place doubt in the mind of motorists. So, as the number of electric buses continues to rise around the world surely this additional visibility will make the general public more at ease with electric cars and hopefully increase sales? (more…)