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wattEV2buy explore BAIC Arcfox electric car strategy & list the BJEV Arcfox EV Models, news, & sales as it vies for a position in the EV market. BJEV has launched its new range of EV’s, called Arcfox. BJEV unveiled its first concept vehicles for the Arcfox sub-brand in 2016 which comprised of the tiny open-top SUV, the Arcfox-1 and the performance model the Arcfox-7 which is based on the Formula E platform of the NextEV Racing team.

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Week 14 2019 BAIC BJEV to showcase Arcfox design

Beiqi New Energy (BJEV), the electric vehicle subsidiary of Chinese automaker BAIC is to hold a pre-event to the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show on the 14th of April at the Shanghai World Expo. BJEV will showcase the Arcfox GT, previously the Arcfox 7 Concept, in both a road and track version, the new Arcfox SUV labeled Arcfox ECF. To date, we have only seen illustrations of the ECF.

The Arcfox GT is designed by ex-Volkswagen chief designer Walter De Silva. The Arcfox GT is equipped with 6 electric motors and high-performance liquid-cooled batteries to accelerate from zero to 100km/h in 2.59 seconds. The Arcfox GT is destined as a production vehicle and includes a adjustable suspension and electronic four-wheel drive function.

The ARCFOX ECF Concept will include autonomous drive capabilities higher than the base SAE level 2. ARCFOX is also expected to announce technologies developed through its partnerships with Daimler, Magna, and Huawei.


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