Based on the company’s combustion 3 Wheeler introduced in 2011, the Morgan EV3 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 with the first production models expected in Q4 2016. The EV3 is a through back to the Morgan 3 Wheeler race cars of the 1930’s and developed in Partnership with Delta Motorsport and Potenza Ltd. who is responsible for the zero emissions engineering. The EV3 classifies as a 3 Wheel motorcycle in the USA. The combustion version is sold at around £33,000 and uses a 1.6L Ford Sigma engine; the EV3 is expected to be priced in the same ballpark. The production line will only accommodate a limited number of the electric variant initially.



20kWh – Lithium-Ion battery – 120V Liquid Cooled

e range 150mi / 240km

2 Seater Rear Wheel Drive

46kW Electric Motor

Power – 62hp

Acceleration 0-62mph takes less than 9 seconds and a top speed in excess of 90mph.

Top Speed 90mph / 144km/h

Curb Weight 550kg

MSRP expected around £33,000


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