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wattEV2Buy™ provides an uncluttered and clear platform to find the best electric vehicle. We designed and built proprietary tools for mobile and the web to help you find, compare and calculate charging cost. We promote the adoption of electric vehicles through our blog, newsletter and by listing all Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV’s) launched since 2010. We focus particularly on the battery component of each vehicle. The technology and quality of a vehicle’s battery determine the vehicle’s range, charge time and charging cost. The state of a vehicle’s battery will ultimately determine its value in the secondary market. The new buyer has to take note of the state of the battery to determine when it would need replacement and how it would impact on his buying decision. While the seller would be able to gain a premium for selling a vehicle with a well-managed battery system.


Wynand Goosen

Wynand Goosen


I studied for an MBA in San Francisco where I was exposed to the fields of Service Science, Gamification and Renewables, which I combined to create wattEV2buy and the award winning web app Ekoguru. I consulted on energy storage to Independent Power Producers and in the process modeled, designed and presented various grid sized solutions utilizing lithium-ion and other electrochemical technologies. In my spare time, I authored a children’s book series and started a new project called “Career 180”.

Always curious and on a lifelong journey to learn I built this website and mobile app, my first, from online resources, it is a work in progress and it continues to improve. I am always open to new ideas and welcome any opportunities to create a superior value offering to users.

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